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Mission Statement

To conduct Internet raffles in support of the NPOFundingSolutionSTM Mission.



General Information

CharityRaffles.orgTM is the trade name for an Internet website, marketing and fundraising entity, which is operated by NPOFundingSolutionSTM. CharityRaffles.orgTM is a division of NPOFundingSolutionSTM. NPOFundingSolutionSTM is the Development Department the paws4peopleTM Inc.

The CharityRaffles.orgTM addresses are:

Mail: CharityRaffles.orgTM, P.O. Box 491, Round Hill, VA 20142-0492.


The CharityRaffles.orgTM logo, name and brand are trademarks of and the exclusive property of paws4peopleTM, Inc.  As such, they may not be used for any purpose without the prior written permission of paws4peopleTM, Inc.

You are invited to go to to learn more about its fundraising operations or for more information on how you can directly donate to it.



Mission Statement

The primary mission of NPOFundingSolutionSTM is the raise funds for the operation of paws4peopleTM, Inc. NPOFundingSolutionSTM is the “Development” Department of paws4peopleTM, Inc.  It has been given a “brand name” since it has an externally recognized business presence required for the successful completion of its mission.  


One of the ways in which NPOFundingSolutionSTM will accomplish its mission is:


To expand the typical "Local Community Foundation" concept to a "National Community Foundation" concept, whereby a wide spectrum of non-profits, charitable, educational, and religious organizations throughout the U.S. participate in and benefit from our tactical fundraising process. Our goal is to transform the fundraising mentality of non-profit, charitable, educational, and religious organizations by taking advantage of the ways we use the power of the Internet.  Organizations will clearly realize that fundraising within a "community" is abundantly more cost-efficient and productive than any solitary effort.



"One-for-All, All-for-One" Process

A Win-Win Situation

To provide non-profit, charitable, educational, and religious organizations in all 50 states with a mechanism to obtain contributions and grants at NO-DIRECT-COST.

To leverage the power of the marketing abilities of non-profit, charitable, educational, and religious organizations and directly reward their referral and recruiting efforts through our NO-DIRECT-COST Referral Contribution Program, thereby eliminating costly direct mail, telephone, radio and television marketing campaigns currently associated with non-profit charitable fundraising.

To create a new pool of donors for the philanthropic community by providing individuals with financial rewards in return for providing money for non-profit, charitable, educational, and religious organizations.

To empower Donors to designate where the "proceeds" of their donations will go within the wide-spectrum of non-profit, charitable, educational, and religious organizations within our Fields of Interest Categories.

To apply an unbiased, simple, quick and streamlined approach to the "GRANT" process, thereby eliminating sanctimonious "holier-than-thou" bureaucratic decision-making and the waiting and wondering whether or not a grant has been considered, rejected or approved.

To utilize our Internet technology capabilities to simplify and maximize fundraising for non-profit, charitable, educational, and religious organizations.

To reduce to 15% or less, our on-line fundraising "expenses."



Why We Are Doing This

NPOFundingSolutionSTM evolved from a small volunteer organization called paws4peopleTM.  Since 1999, paws4peopleTM has provided, free-of-charge, highly trained therapy dogs to physically and mentally challenged children in the Special Education classrooms, adolescents and seniors in our community. The positive effect our dogs have had on the lives of people has resulted in an overwhelming demand for our services in schools, nursing homes, rehabilitation/Hospice facilities, and in the private homes of youngsters with Autism, Down's syndrome and MS. With more elderly seeking alternatives to the traditional "No-Pets" retirement and nursing homes and the increasing number of children and adolescents in need of "special care", it became clear that in order to maximize our capabilities to meet these demands, we needed to build complexes incorporating all the components of our compassionate services to people and animals. [See Section: The Vision: Making A Dream Come True].


We knew from our own fundraising experiences that "traditional" fundraising methods would take years to raise the millions of dollars needed for just one complex, so we started to look for innovative ways to raise funds quickly to accomplish our Mission.  In January 2005, a CPA, who shared our vision, suggested we look into the possibility of obtaining funds via charitable raffles on the Internet, which a number of non-profits were already doing successfully.


We spent the next several months [March 05 through August 05] researching that possibility and found a company in Ohio that claimed they could create a computer program to support our Internet fundraising raffles. As negotiations with this Ohio company reached the “contract signing" time, the "deal" which had started with requiring only $1,500 down, had changed to requiring $41,500 to get the raffles online and market them, plus 20% of each raffle's gross income.  We said "Thanks but no Thanks" and the effort was shelved and we went into an organizational depression.


After a couple of months of tribulation, it occurred to us that when you are looking for services and products and can't find them in the marketplace, it means a lot of other like-minded people can't find them either. We realized that if we created the product we had been looking for, a lot of other organizations might also want to jump on the bandwagon. That was the genesis of NPOFundingSolutionSTM or NPOFS, the name we gave to what other organization’s call their, Development Department.


Instead of paying a for-profit company to build our raffle website, we would find a way to do it ourselves, and instead of paying a for-profit company for marketing services, we would invite other non-profits to leverage their marketing capabilities whereby they could obtain Referral Contributions, at no cost to them, to meet their goals and missions.


Terry Henry, Chairman of paws4peopleTM, shared this vision with Rob Garcia, a professional computer programmer. Rob embraced the vision and committed to build the program for our online raffles. Together, they formed the nucleus of the NPOFS design, development and implementation team.  It has been a tremendous effort with several ups and downs, including key members of the team refinancing their homes in order to be able to devote 24/7 to the development of NPOFS.  Along the way we have been greatly encouraged in meetings, focus groups, and beta tests with other non-profits, and their positive reactions and input have been incorporated into the NPOFS concept.  Supported by the dedication and volunteer efforts of many others over the past year, the NPOFS concept has become a reality.


The only funds expended on this project have been for fees associated with the acquisition of computer domains, required computer hosting services, and banking fees for merchant and checking accounts.


The frustrating experiences we have had in obtaining grants for our fledgling paws4peopleTM organization led us to add within the NPOFS concept a Grants Program so that other non-profit, charitable, educational, and religious organizations can obtain easily and quickly NPOFS grants, as well as Referral Contributions.


NPOFS has evolved as another fundraising “arrow in the quiver” of both small and large non-profit, charitable, educational, and religious organizations.  The endeavor has been extremely rewarding for all involved because as it has evolved we have realized that NPOFS would not only make it possible for us to meet paws4peopleTM’s ambitious financial goals to build our complexes, but that we would simultaneously be helping a wide range of other non-profit, charitable, educational, and religious organizations meet their financial goals as well.


We feel particularly good and excited about the unique aspect of NPOFS which transforms the “non-profit” fundraising process from a competitive one to a "One-for-All, All-for-One" endeavor, a "Win-$$-Win" situation for all of us dedicated to a wiser, kinder, safer and happier world.


With NPOFS online, our volunteers are now inviting by email, by phone, by mail, and in meetings other non-profits, as well as for-profit companies, to join this 21st Century Fundraising Revolution - a most rewarding and pleasurable task !




Terry L. Henry

Chairman, Board of Directors, paws4peopleTM, Inc.

President, NPOFundingSolutionSTM


November 27 , 2006




Rob Garcia

President, intraSOLV, Inc.


November 27 , 2006



How We Are Doing This

The non-profit equation between collecting donations and giving assistance is becoming more lopsided everyday. The situation is exacerbated by a decline in donations from traditional donors [the aging Baby Boomers] along with a shift by their children away from their parents’ spirit of philanthropy (i.e. giving with "no return").  Both large and small non-profits are finding that while the demand for their services is increasing, so, too, is the cost of providing these services. With the costs of renting or buying a home increasing, every dollar spent on space potentially takes away from services provided by a non-profit organization. There was a time when direct mail, telephone, radio and television were used to solicit donations from current and prospective donors. These medias are becoming increasingly expensive, and will soon become too exorbitant for many non-profits to utilize. The safety net provided by charities is stretching tighter and tighter and the resources of non-profits seem frustratingly small in relation to the urgent needs at hand.

To help overcome the daunting challenges faced by the philanthropic community, NPOFundingSolutionSTM has created a completely new fundraising model, a dynamic but very simple process taking full advantage of the power of the Internet. By tapping into this 21st Century technology, we not only overcome the obstacles of fundraising, but we can make more resources available for providing services than ever before possible.


NPOFundingSolutionSTM addresses the aforementioned concerns and situations by:

Motivating individuals to "donate" by giving them a chance to win money or prizes, while providing non-profits the opportunity to receive contributions from these donations.

Providing the means to reach the younger generations who do not have the same philanthropic spirit as their parents; specifically, the Internet users with above average incomes, between the ages of 21 and 45, who, in the majority of cases, are not responding to traditional solicitation methods. Our process obtains funds from this group by motivating them to "donate" by giving them great odds to get something in return - thus taking advantage of this cultural syndrome to benefit charities, large and small.

Empowering middle class individuals to play a significant role in the realm of philanthropy on the same playing field as traditional large scale donors, such as mega foundations, corporations, and the $1,000+ check-writers.

Fostering collaboration among non-profits so we may all benefit by reducing our fundraising cost percentages to 15% or less.

Taking the cost out of fundraising. We provide participating non-profits with the advantage of reducing the percentages they allocate to fundraising/administration in their financial statements.

Helping non-profits  free up their time to perform their charitable work, and  produce their "end product" at a lower costs.

NPOFundingSolutionSTM does NOT require any financial investment or fees from participating non-profit, charitable, educational or religious organizations.


General Information


NPOFundingSolutionSTM is the Development Department of the paws4peopleTM Inc.


The NPOFundingSolutionSTM addresses are:

Mail: NPOFundingSolutionSTM, P.O. Box 491, Round Hill, VA  20142-0491.



The NPOFundingSolutionSTM, logos, names and brands are trademarks of and the exclusive property of paws4peopleTM, Inc.  As such, they may not be used for any purpose without the prior written permission of paws4peopleTM, Inc.


The Genesis

The paws4peopleTM concept was initially conceived by our then 12 year-old daughter, Kyria, who insisted that we use our Golden Retriever, Riley, to help other people “who don’t have a dog.”  The concept was further refined and formulated based on having observed the effects two different canine “pets” had on their respective human owners.  In both cases, two elderly family members obtained dogs shortly after the death of their husbands.  The positive effects that these dogs had on the lives of their owners were remarkable and profound.  Both had a renewed sense of happiness, a zest for living, a focus for affection, a purpose for being; all of these traits seemed to emanate from these individuals within a short period of time after obtaining their dogs.  Both family members seemed to begin their “recovery” from the grief process much faster than others in a similar circumstance. In 1999, Kyria began using Riley to visit local nursing homes.  In the spring of 2002, I resigned from my job as the Director of Logistics for an international telecommunications company, taking a part-time trucking job (to put food on the table) providing the time to develop and implement paws4peopleTM to which my wife Debbie, daughter Kyria, and I, have dedicated our hearts, our souls, and our lives.



Terry L. Henry

Chairman and Executive Director



paws4peopleTM, Inc. was incorporated in July, 1999.  It received its 501(c)(3) charitable foundation status from the IRS on March 2, 2000. On August 9, 2006, it was re-classified by the IRS as a public charity with (501)(c)(3) tax exempt status under Code section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).  The organization’s EIN is: 54-1948479; its most current IRS DLN is: 17053274781095.




The Mission of paws4peopleTM foundation is to enhance the lives of special and regular education students, seniors, and the seriously ill or disabled, by utilizing the “Special Powers” of canine companionship displayed by highly trained Assistance Dogs; including Service, Educational Assistance K-9s, Rehabilitative Assistance Dogs and Social Therapy dogs in specialized educational, private placements and therapeutic visitation programs.


While there are many organizations that share our goal to enhance human lives with canine love, we have found that no other training program matches the selectiveness, variety and qualifications of the paws4peopleTM programs. Most organizations focus on either hospitals, nursing homes, private placements or schools. Our mission's multiple aspects are unique in providing diverse groups of citizens with a menu of programs from which they can select the one that best meets their needs.

The paws4peopleTM Educational Assistance K-9 [pEAKTM] Program:

Our "I Care DogTM" program is designed specifically for children with physical, mental or behavioral disabilities in special education classrooms. The motivational capabilities of the dogs are coupled with the students’ Individual Education Plan (IEP). Each student’s IEP is developed by the student’s case manager, in concert with numerous other educational specialists, as a plan for the student’s educational goals and objectives. The inclusion of the dogs has aided many students to accomplish or surpass specific IEP goals and objectives while providing a unique, stimulating and rewarding learning experience.

Our "Students Achieving Success in Education" (SASeTM) educational enrichment program is designed specifically for 2nd – 4th grade students in regular education classrooms.  The program teaches these students how to care for and handle therapy dogs; incorporates the motivational capabilities of the dogs to Standards of Learning (SOL) goals and objectives and advanced (by grade level) math curriculum; teaches the responsibility of saving the SASeTMBucks (play money) they have been awarded for completing projects with which, at the end of the school year, they can purchase educational materials; and how to learn from and interact with seniors when taking the dogs on visits to nursing homes, using the dogs as a "bridge" between the generations.

Mission Statement






















Our "Private Placement" Program provides Assistance Dogs to physically or mentally challenged adolescents, spouseless seniors and disabled veterans. These dogs, trained specifically for their new owners, may be simply companions, or service dogs, that can turn on lights and perform other specialized tasks to enhance and ease the lives of their owners. The demand for these dogs is very high and there can never be enough such dogs to meet their need in society.


Our "General Visitation" Program provides therapy dog visits to the seriously or terminally ill, the physically or mentally challenged, seniors in nursing/assisted living homes, pediatric and geriatric hospitals, Hospice facilities, as well as animal-assisted private therapy sessions in the privacy of the patient’s own home. Often the lives of these special citizens are painful, bleak and routine. The simple presence of the dogs brings them smiles and hope that improve their lives in ways we may never totally understand.


All paws4peopleTM services are provided free-of-charge


paws4peopleTM foundation

110 East Gambier Street, P.O. Box 1186, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050













Summary of Organizational Statistics

Summary of Organizational Statistics

As of May 2004:


2 Volunteers / 3 Dogs / 1 State


3 Schools / 1 School System / 1 State



1,751 Educational Contacts / 186 Classroom Visits



903 Therapy Contacts / 59 Visits



Summary of Organizational Statistics

As of 2/24/08:


100+ Volunteers / 58 Dogs / w/ Operations in 7 States


39 Schools / 8 School Systems / 3 States



102,000+ Educational Contacts / 6,000+ Classroom Visits



26,000+ Therapy Contacts / 3,400+ Visits


Private Placement Dogs:

8 Dogs: 25 Calendar Years of Service



Corporate Organizational Structure & Operation Locations [as of September, 2007]




The Vision



I have a dream, that sometime in the very near future, I will make an afternoon visit to a paws4peopleTM canine placement volunteer.  She will proceed to tell me about the calls she has received so far that day from people seeking the services that paws4peopleTM has grown to offer:

. . . The father of a wheelchair-bound teenager from Charleston, South Carolina, is in need of a companion and service animal for his child.

. . .  The son of an elderly woman in Savannah, Georgia who has lost her husband, desiring a canine companion to help his mother cope with and recover from her loss.

. . .  The mother of a mentally challenged young adult from Baltimore, Maryland, is seeking a secure and independent life and career opportunity for her daughter.

. . .  A newly retired woman in South Riding, Virginia, is hoping to acquire a dog so that she may implement an “I Care Dog” program at her granddaughter’s school to provide motivation to struggling and special needs children.

. . .   A senior citizen couple from Greensboro, North Carolina, looking for a home where they are free of the burdens of maintenance but where they can keep their pets and participate in volunteer projects to remain active.


Our paws4peopleTM volunteer was able to direct each of these calls to departments just footsteps away, and all of the above individuals were set up with appointments to meet their new therapy dog at the   paws4peopleTM foundation Complex. 


The paws4peopleTM Foundation Complex, located on 200-300 acres of beautiful countryside, will be alive with the golden magic of a never-ending staff of paws4peopleTM dogs.  Here, our loving canines will thrive in abundance, and bless the many on-site facilities with their constant presence.  The ultimate result of this complex will be to create a network of people and canines, a family of people joined by the indescribable power of dogs, the paws4peopleTM family. 


The complex will house several carefully planned facilities.  Each facility will fulfill a particular niche within the overall paws4peopleTM mission, while all interacting with each other. 



They will include…


…two Kennel facilities, home for the dogs, while they are undergoing various stages of training.  Here, the dogs will enjoy lounging indoors on couches and will be lovingly groomed frequently, just as they would in any home.  They will also get to run and play in the outdoor exercise areas, full of trees, like their own backyards.


…a K-9 training academy where the dogs will be trained from the age of six weeks to 15 months.  Here, the paws4peopleTM training syllabus will be taught by professional dog trainers in several different training rooms.  The puppy kindergarten room, for example, will be relatively empty, a place for the youngest dogs to learn the “basics.”  Other rooms will simulate the environment of a hospital room, nursing home, or classroom, for more advanced training.  Later, the dogs’ training will be transferred to “on location” assignments at other facilities within the complex.  Finally, the training will be transferred during classes with the therapy dog’s new handler and/or family.


…a veterinary hospital with a state-of-the art breeding and birthing facility.  This will provide a home for the paws4peopleTM puppy litters, ensuring the puppies are healthy and perfectly prepared for their calling.  The vet hospital will be equipped to provide routine canine medical care as well as any surgical needs that may arise for the resident dogs of all ages. We will also have a staff of veterinarians involved in research to prevent and eliminate animal health problems-particularly those common to the paws4peopleTM canine breeds.  We hope to not only enhance the lives of the humans we touch, but the dogs we love and depend on each day.  Eventually, we will also provide veterinary scholarships to students who wish to help fulfill the paws4peopleTM mission.


            …Dual-Occupancy townhouse residences for paws4peopleTM “special needs” staff members.  These mentally or physically challenged individuals will serve as employees of paws4peopleTM, and will reap the benefits of interacting with the dogs, while simultaneously having employment and independence.  In addition, there will be a Staff Group Home for the slightly less independent “special needs” staff members.


            …two-bedroom homes for independent retired seniors.  These seniors will volunteer at any of the other facilities within the complex, thereby remaining active while being free from the responsibilities of the outdoor maintenance of their homes.  Perhaps the best thing about these homes is that-unlike many other independent living facilities-the seniors won’t have to leave their pets behind, but will be encouraged to bring them along to share their new home.


            …a senior assisted-living and rehabilitation facility whose occupants will benefit not only from the care and love provided in ordinary retirement facilities, but from the constant presence of paws4peopleTM therapy dogs.  There will be numerous “resident” dogs here, as well as visits from other paws4peopleTM dogs of various ages.


…a Special Education Academy to provide education for those students with special needs.  These students will include, but will not be limited to: autistic, wheelchair-bound, mentally handicapped, emotionally disabled, learning disabled, Down’s syndrome, and other very special children from the ages of pre-school to early adulthood.  They will also benefit from the constant presence of paws4peopleTM education therapy canines.  In addition to their education being enhanced by canines, these students will also have a staff of highly qualified special education teachers.  All of the Academy educators will complete a course to become paws4peopleTM canine-assisted special education (CASE) teachers.  Eventually, we will also provide scholarships to students wishing to become CASE teachers.


…a Hospice Inn for those individuals in need of end-of-life medical treatment.  The spirit of this facility will be brightened by the constant presence of paws4peopleTM dogs providing end-of-life and grief therapy services.  Their families will be comforted knowing that their loved one’s final days are being spent with the tender affection of some of paws4peopleTM’s most special canines.

…a third kennel facility will serve as a No-Kill dog rescue living facility as well as a home for the retired paws4peopleTM service dogs.  We will never have to turn down a dog for lack of space, and will provide a place of affection and comfort to those dogs who have never before had such a home.  These rescued dogs will also have the opportunity to complete paws4peopleTM training and become a source of placement animals for spouseless seniors.  This kennel will also be a second home for dogs whose owners have passed away, so that no senior will have to worry about the future care of his or her dog.  In addition, retired paws4peopleTM therapy dogs will get to relax and enjoy the comforts of this homey facility.


The most remarkable aspect of this grand vision is that no facility will act independently.  The senior assisted-living center, Special Education Academy, and Hospice Inn will provide real-life training locations for paws4peopleTM dogs in the final stages of their training.  This ensures they will be fully prepared for their work once placed with their therapy families.  In turn, no staff member, resident, or student will ever be out of hands reach of the devotion and service of a paws4peopleTM dog.


The vision of paws4peopleTM is one of endless potential.  It will serve people in need in all stages of life as well as allow those who are more fortunate to feed their hearts by serving others.  Today, the promise of paws4peopleTM lies in your hands.  My dream is for paws4peopleTM to have the ability to provide a qualified animal to each person desiring the amazing love of a canine.  This complex is the simple yet indispensable first step of the dream; a place where people are not only being helped, but simultaneously helping countless others. It is my sincere plea, that should you be able to help us accomplish this mission in any way, please contact us at:


paws4peopleTM foundation

110 East Gambier Street, P.O. Box 1186, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050

540.338.7580 / 540.882.3327

The personal goal of:

Terry Henry, Chairman and Executive Director:

To have at least 2,500 working paws4peopleTM Assistance Dogs and one Complex.”


Kyria Henry, Founder & Deputy Executive Director, paws4peopleTM, Inc. &  Executive Director, paws4peopleTM foundation of West Virginia:

“To have at least five of these Complexes throughout the country.”



Board of Directors, as of March 25, 2007

Terry Henry

Round Hill, VA


Chairman and Executive Director, paws4peopleTM, Inc.

30+ years of management and command experience in the military, federal government and private industry




Kyria Henry

Morgantown, WV


Founder and Deputy Executive Director, paws4peopleTM, Inc.

Executive Director, paws4peopleTM foundation of West Virginia

Junior at West Virginia University, majoring in Business.




Diana Kingsbury-Smith Keesee

Waterford, VA


Vice President, paws4peopleTM, Inc., for Fundraising & Public Relations

40+ years of experience in fundraising and public relations with various U.S. and European non-profits




Dawn Woodyard

Round Hill, VA


30+ years of experience as an Occupational Therapist and Health Information Manager in the federal government, private industry, and public education




Dr. David Redmond, DVM

Round Hill, VA


20+ years of experience as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine




Lin Eney

Inwood, WV


35+ years of experience as a Regular and Special Education Teacher





Candace Reel

Concord, NC


Executive Director, paws4peopleTM foundation of North Carolina

2+ years of experience as a Special Education Teacher



 Corporate General Counsel

Mr. Scott Pullins

110 East Gambier Street, P.O. Box 1186

Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050

Phone: (740) 392.3505


Web Site:

Biographical Profile:



 Certified Public Accountant and Consultant

Mr. David Updegrove

Updegrove, Combs, McDaniels & Wilson, PLC

5 Loudoun Street, Suite B

Leesburg, Virginia 20175-2908

Phone: (703) 771.1818


Web Site:                  



IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter, August 9, 2006

Note: paws4peopleTM, Inc. is in the process of being moved (re-domiciled) to the State of Ohio.  The legal processes to accomplish this action are current underway.  Previously, paws4peopleTM, Inc. was domiciled in Virginia, at P.O. Box 491, Round Hill, VA 20142-0491.  When the re-domestication process is complete, paws4peopleTM, Inc. will be domiciled in Ohio, at 110 East Gambier Street, P.O. Box 1186, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050.

paws4peopleTM Inc.

Certificate of Registration - Ohio

paws4peopleTM foundation of Ohio

Certificate of Registration


Certificate of Registration


Certificate of Registration

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